Lifestylehotels brings together a handpicked selection of hotels that offer discerning guests an exceptional experience. The hotels are characterised by hotel concepts that inspire and convince – contemporary design & architecture, a visionary identity, the highest standards of quality & authenticity, a sense of responsibility towards others and the environment as well as a close connection with the local scene. The Lifestylehotels brand acts as a seal of quality for design- and trend-conscious travellers.

To become a Lifestylehotels member, we must be convinced of the uniqueness of a hotel and the concept behind it. In addition to the design, architecture, quality and authenticity of a hotel there are many small details that play a role. How the dishes are prepared, which outstanding services are offered, how the lighting is used.

Even if there are certain criteria that have to be met, the admission of a new hotel is always a matter of intuition.

Lifestylehotels THE BOOK

In the annually published visually impressive Lifestylehotels THE BOOK, all unique Lifestylehotels as well as exclusive hotel stories and best room tips are presented on 400 pages.

400 pages, exciting design & format with hardcover, full colour, large format photos & exclusive hotel stories, available in English language

Lifestylehotels THE BOOK, 17th Edition – places of longing

The longing and desire for unknown places, for special experiences and for unique Lifestylehotels can finally be satisfied again. It creates a gateway to adventure, relaxation, new experiences and also to ourselves.

Let the feeling wash over you that comes from discovering a place that you know you must see with your own eyes. Discover on 400 pages all 92 extraordinary Lifestylehotels from 14 countries. They are hotels that revolve around good ideas, outstanding experiences, attentive staff and above all people, who are passionate about what they do. This is also reflected in the 20 exclusive hotel stories that are also part of this edition.

There are moments when you got the feeling that time stands still. You have landed in a space-time vacuum in which everything before and everything after does not exist. It is the moment in which you have landed in the „now“ and experience the present very consciously. This is what happens when you have found a place that is the only right place at that specific time. This described phenomenon usually comes over us when we are traveling. When we find ourselves in a place where we see our own personality reflected. In the 16th Edition of „The Book“ we show you such places. Lifestylehotels THE BOOK, 17th Edition is about just such places and they are the reason why we don’t want to stop traveling.